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DoView visual strategic planning for Corporates.

It’s essential that you understand your competitive advantage. This is a function of both who you compete with, and who you collaborate with. The DoView approach focuses on both.

Identify competitive posture, threats, partnerships

Below is an example of an analysis of About.Me. This is a web service which people use to set up profiles. This analysis was done at the time that About.Me was set up. At that stage, one direction for About.Me's development was that it could potentially function as a generic social media profile for users across social media. This would mean they did not have to set up multiple profiles on different sites. 

screenshot 563

Using the DoView analysis to interogate a Start-up’s or Spin-off’s strategy

The DoView analysis can be used by a Start-up or Spin-off to figure out its own strategy. In addition it is very powerful when used by potential investors or managers to interogate the competitive advantage of any venture. Below the green questionmarks show the key strategic questions that need to be asked of the venture. The gray squares are the response provided by the venture. 

screenshot 562

Anyone can use the above DoView software company visual strategic plan, with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView Software. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact

Using DoView to develop corporate strategy 

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