DoView® Visual Strategic Planning for a corporate

Strategize better and communicate faster with your management, potential investors and others by drawing a DoView Visual Strategic Plan. A DoView Visual Strategic Plan communicates faster than text-based strategic plans because ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’. In addition, in a world where you may need to change your strategy over night, you can quickly do this by just tweeking your priorities directly onto your DoView Visual Strategic Plan.

2. Identify priorities, map projects onto them and ensure you have tight alignmentt

1. Draw a visual model of what you're want to do

3. Identify KPI's, measurement and accountabilities

Draw a DoView visual model of what you’re wanting to do

A  visual model of your high-level outcomes and of the lower-level steps needed to achieve them.

screenshot 1145

Click through this webpage version of a software company DoView

Click on boxes with small grey triangles in them.


Prioritize your boxes

Show which outcomes you are focusing on in the next planning period (e.g. the next year). Only 'A' priorities are marked.

screenshot 1148


Insert your projects/activities boxes

screenshot 1151

Link your projects to the priority boxes they are focused on

Use DoView's unique and easy cross-page linking.

screenshot 1156

Prove that your projects are focused on your priorities

Prove that you're focusing your projects on your priorities. The number in the grey box shows the number of projects focused on each box. The 'Clarity about IP' box does not have any projects focused on it, so it is either not a priority or it needs at least one new project focused on it. 

screenshot 1157


Use a poster to show you've mapped your projects onto priorities

screenshot 523

Anyone can use the above DoView software company visual strategic plan, with acknowledgment, for their own company and for their own for-profit or not-for-profit consulting work if they, or their clients, are using DoView Software. Anyone can use it to teach anyone else how to use DoView software. If you want to use it for other purposes please contact

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