DoView® Visual Strategic Planning with Parker Duignan Consulting


”Success is beating your competition at two things: on-the-fly, agile strategy development; and tuning-up your organizational alignment so that your people and resources are totally focused on your priorities.” 

Traditional text-based strategic plans don’t work in today’s disruptive strategic environment. But it’s not enough to book an inspirational facilitator who delivers grand plans about ‘visioning the future’ in a presentation which fades from memory within a week. 

That’s why we use DoView® Visual Strategic Planning in our consulting work to directly capture your strategic insights into a concrete visual representation (a DoView® Visual Strategy Model). You then work directly with this model on an ongoing basis to ensure organizational and KPI alignment around your priorities. 

In our planning workshops with boards and management, we gather the different mental models offered by participants in the room and combine these into a simple (but not simplistic) consensus visual model. 

This visual model includes an overview and sufficient drill-down detail to satisfy the points-of-view of all participants. From this process a common strategic perspective is forged. 

The integrated visual model takes into account multiple levels of strategy, risk and competitive advantage. It also integrates visual customer experience mapping to keep your strategy focused on your marketplace. 

Priorities are marked-up onto the visual model - and, importantly, can be rapidly changed as your strategic context changes. Visual ‘line-of-sight’ alignment is used to ensure the activities of your staff are in total lock-step with your priorities. 

KPIs, measurement and accountabilities then are identified by the process. 

See a simple example of the visual strategic planning process.

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