User comments

"The best product I've ever used for building program logics...and it's so easy to use."

Pauline Dickinson, PhD, Evaluator.

"DoView continues to get better and better. Wow! I really like the web models (Version 1.14). It is easy to maneuver between the levels in them and it is user friendly."

Ted Kniker, Executive Consultant, Federal Consulting Group, U.S. Treasury.

"In the past I’ve often struggled with drawing program logics on a computer – finding the normal drawing tools cumbersome and messy (especially for changing logics) or I’ve struggled with the formatting behind someone else’s logic diagram that I was adapting.  The result was usually wasted hours, frustration and logic models that weren’t as good as they could be.

I’ve found DoView easy to use and though I haven’t explored its full potential I can see the benefit of its many features (ie clones which save the need to follow through on changes to related  steps of the logic).  To save time I’m able get my Admin support staff to type in text  in a model which I can move around in the model as needed very easily. In short, its been a great little bonus having DoView."

Theo Nabben, PNG

"Where has DoView been all our lives? In twenty minutes in a board meeting we were able to have detailed input into evaluation planning!" 

Board member working with a DoView Visual Evaluation Plan.

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