Version 1.17 Released - images!

Version 1.17 has been released, you can now include images within your DoView files. If also allows you to put an internal hyperlink (called a 'hop-to') underneath any object within a DoView model. In earlier versions you could only do this beneath a step. This means that you can drill down beneath an indicator, for instance, to a page (slice) where you have inserted an image of a graph showing how the indicator is tracking. It also fixes an issue with earlier versions of DoView where when using Save As... now DoView by default saves to the subdirectory from which you opened the DoView file you are working on. In the past sometimes users ended up saving DoView files to subdirectories where they did not want them to go and had trouble finding them later. 

A cool feature of this release of DoView is that images can be inserted within step boxes in addition to being inserted just onto a DoView page. This means that you can use images to help communicate what is happening in each step in your model. Those who have seen Version 1.17 in operation have been excited by how this brings DoView models to life. Update now from the update page, or download a free trial now if you don't already own DoView. If you have installed an earlier trial version, uninstall it and you can download a fresh 14-day free trial of Version 1.17 so you can get to see the new features. 

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