In addition to all our work on rebuilding our website, we've still been working away on improving DoView itself. The first of a series of announcements we will be making in the next little while is that we've just released DoView 3.07 for PC and Mac. This is a free technical release which fixes several bugs. It's always a great idea to keep your version of DoView up-to-date. Update from here. If you haven't yet installed a copy of DoView, download a new trial version from here. 

The two notable new features in this version are that it bases page URLs in webpage versions of DoView models on the page name. We introduced this feature in response to users wanting to be able to have stable URLs within the webpage versions of their DoViews. They wanted this so that they could create links to these DoView pages from  web-based performance management systems where they were storing details of their indicators etc.. For instance, pages within those web based systems relating to particular indicators can have a link out to the DoView page on which that indicator (or step or outcome) lives. 

The new stable URLs mean that users can update the webpage versions of their DoViews from time to time. As long as they don't change the page names within the DoView file generating the webpage version, the URLs for particular page will always be the same (effectively what's called a Permalink). See how to put a webpage version of a DoView up on the web for free.

The other feature is a search function for the Page List and the Details Table. This handy feature means that if you have a page within the Page List selected and you start typing, your selection will move to the name of the page you are typing. Something similar now happens when you are in the Details Table at the bottom of the DoView main window. 

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