DoView is used in 50+ countries by a wide range of users including, for instance: planning a multi-billion overhall of Denmark’s railway system; private company planning: goverment agencies using it for strategic planning; and nonprofits using it for health and other projects.

For some time now we’ve structured the DoView website along the lines of the different functions that DoView can be used for: strategic planning; measuring indicators; evaluating impact etc.   

But given the diversity of our users, this approach presents a problem. The problem is that specific examples which speak to one customer group often don’t resonate with the other groups.  

We’ve been thinking about this at the same time as we’re seeing mounting interest from the private sector wanting to use DoView as an agile tool for Project Portfolio Management. Project Portfolio Management is what you need to do before you do detailed Project Planning. It consists of working out which projects you’re going to need to do to achieve your priorities. 

So we’ve now restructured our frontpage so that users immediately get channeled into one of three areas: private users; government users; and nonprofit users.

Once people have clicked-down into the right ‘channel’ we can then use the exact language that they speak and tailor the examples we used to ones that will resonate with them.

We would love to hear any feedback you have on this new structure for the website. Please do get in touch if you have any comments. 


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