Version 1.14 update will create web page models

The latest in a line of no cost updates adding new features to DoView (Version 1.14) is undergoing final testing before release. This update will allow users to both insert hyperlinks onto a DoView page and to create web page models of their DoView models. Just clicking File>Create Web Page Model will create a fully navigable web page version of any DoView model The web page model will include some, but not all, of the functionality which is included within a model when editing it with DoView on a PC. This development means that once people have developed their outcomes models within DoView, they can then quickly share them with anyone they wish across an intranet or the internet. Corporate users are already chaffing at the bit to get at this update as they want to put their models up on their intranets. 

The web page models will contain a particularly innovative feature in that it will be possible for the user creating the web page model from within DoView to include in the model a copy of the original DoView file and a copy of an automatically generated PDF of the file. Both of these will be available for those viewing the web page model to immediately download and start editing the model with DoView on their own PCs if they have DoView installed. Many examples of web page versions of DoView models are available at

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