Here is another posting with more information on new features in soon to be released DoView 4.0 - this time we're talking about traffic-lights and priority icons. Any element in DoView 4.0 (boxes and the elements from the advanced right-click menu - indicators, questions and items) will be able to be traffic-lighted with traffic-light icons. In earlier versions, this could only be done for boxes (steps). Traffic-lights can be used when working with DoView to create dashboards of any type. 

One example is when you create a Performance Improvement DoView. This is where you analyze an organizational process, identify problem areas by traffic-lighting the relevant boxes and then specify how you're going to fix these problems areas (usually the ones you've traffic-lighted red or yellow). 

In addition, a new priority icon has now been added in DoView 4.0 which can be placed on any of the DoView elements listed above. The new priority icon is useful whenever you want to prioritize any element. One way of using this is when doing DoView 'line-of-sight' analysis - you can prioritize a box (e.g. an outcome) then link other boxes to it which are focusing on it (e.g. projects). 

DoView line-of-sight analysis is the process where you check whether your project boxes are focused on your priority outcome boxes or whether they are just focused on a number of lower priority boxes. You do line-of-sight analysis by turning on the count links function. You can do this from the view menu. However in DoView 4.0 you'll also be able to just click on the count links icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen to make the number of links in and out of a box appear in white numerals on any box that has links to it. Information on doing line-of-sight analysis.

We've included BAU as one of the priority icons in addition to A, B, C, D, E  because people often want to include this as a type of priority.

The screenshot at the top shows elements with the icons on them and the one at the bottom shows you how to select these icons to put on a box or other element. You select them from the small window at the bottom of the screen that appears whenever you click on an element that can have a traffic-light or priority icon placed on it.

P.S. Our designers have also tweaked the traffic-light colors so they're somewhat more user-friendly for people with red-green color-blindness. 

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