Dr Paul Duignan on Outcomes:  This guy is not actually guarding a DoView model, but he characterizes the eternal vigilance that an organizational Keeper of the DoView Model is expected to maintain at all times. It's also essential that you look kind of glum while you're doing it.

It's not mandatory to actually need to dress up in a uniform (unless you want to, of course), but someone in an organization needs to be charged with making sure that the organization's DoView model maintains its integrity. 

The concept is for an organization's DoView outcomes model to become the central 'DNA' of the organization. It should be a representation of the outcomes the organization is trying to achieve and of all of the steps it is planning to take along the way. All key organizational discussions should take place against the one DoView model. Here is an example of a DoView for a regional health organization.

That is why DoView Software is optimized to work across different platforms - when data projected within DoView; when made into a webpage model; when printed out as a small booklet for a senior management team; as a standard letter-size print out and as a printed poster version. So it is always easy to have at hand and amend if necessary.

Your organizational or project DoView therefore needs to be maintained, updated and protected by a single person. It's just like an important organizational spreadsheet which the Chief Financial Officer would not just trust anyone with. 

In larger organizations with multiple departments that are using DoView, it's also a good idea to have a group which is authorized to make decisions about amending the organizational DoView. They should make the ultimate decisions about what boxes are in and out, consistency of wording etc.. This might be an existing management group, or one set up specifically for this purpose.

This does not meant that others won't also be using DoView Software right across the organization for a range of purposes at different levels. In some instances they might be looking after sub-parts of the DoView file that have been delegated to a department or individual. 

Note that the soon to be released DoView Pro will allow folders to be delegated within DoView and then synced - DoView will blog on this more soon. This will make delegating specific parts of your DoView really easy.

The main point is that if your DoView is to do the work it's designed to do then it needs to be looked after properly, uniform or no uniform!

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