Dr Paul Duignan on Outcomes 

We’re constantly innovating in the face-to-face and on-line workshops we run for governments and nonprofits on outcomes, strategy, evidence and communicating impact. We’ve run a number of workshops in the last month or so which have given us the opportunity to improve the experience further. 

We vary our workshop style from time to time and lately we’ve been experimenting changing it around three issues. First, how theoretical or practical to be; second, whether to tightly follow a slide-set, or to use a workshop process fully responsive to the flow of the workshop; and, third, whether to use a pre-prepared outcomes model in the workshop or to develop an outcomes model in real time with the participants on a topic they have suggested. 

The results on the first two points seem to confirm what we generally used to do in the majority of our workshops in the past. This has been to take a theoretical approach, but to illustrate it with practical examples, and to 'go with the flow' in the workshops rather than just follow a strict slide-set. The result on the last question is not quite so clear but probably again it’s what we’ve done traditionally -  developing the model in real time with the group on a topic they've selected themselves.

We are continuing to innovate because we want to improve what we are providing. At the momement we’re looking in detail at how to make the exercises in our workshops more entertaining for participants, while still having them communicate the key underlying principles we’re wanting to get across.

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