DoView and the shower curtain! AES 2008

At the recent Australian Evaluation Society Conference in September in Perth,  Dr Paul Duignan and Dr Jess Dart ran a symposium on recent work on developing outcomes models in the NRM sector in Australia. The symposium includes hands-on development of a natural resource management program logic by participants. 

In order to assist a group to visualize and create an outcomes model, what has become known as the 'shower curtain' technique is used. This is where the group works with a large sheet of plastic, sticking steps and outcomes onto the sheet while they work. In the symposium, a program logic model was build by the participants using this method while it was also constructed in realtime in DoView. This is the method which is being used in some cases in constructing program logics because it combines the group interactivity of the shower curtain method with also getting an electronic representation of the model in DoView format at the same time. 

The photo shows Dr Jess Dart working with the visual model while in the background the DoView model which was constructed at the same time as the participants worked can be seen on the dataprojector screen.

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