Guest Post from Avril Blamey:

I’m a freelance planning and evaluation consultant based in Scotland and have been using DoView since 2004 with most of my clients working across areas such as: health improvement; employability; leisure; social care; local government; and, energy. 

I use the models developed on DoView to support both outcome focused planning and to develop bespoke monitoring and evaluation solutions and frameworks for clients. Lots of my work involves theory driven evaluation approaches and so I tend to build logic models and theories of change as a first step with most clients. 

DoView is intuitive to use but the most important thing for me is that it allows me to embed more detailed models and maps under an organization’s strategic model.  That way you can share the simple strategic picture but also capture the detail in terms of underlying programme theories and assumptions for future testing/evaluation and so strengthen the programme as it develops. Having both strategic and more detailed models aids the identification of success criteria and indicators that are essential for effective monitoring.

The DoView team  are great at answering questions about IT issues and building and linking more complex models – despite the time differences!

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