We've just put up information on how you can use DoView to simplify another common problem. This is the job of identifying the questions you want to put into a questionnaire, survey or feedback sheet. Anyone who has done this will appreciate that it can be harder than it sounds. The problem is that you have to first conceptualize what it is that you are wanting to measure and then secondly identify the questions which will measure this. Consistent with the DoView approach of reducing the 'cognitive load' (how much brainpower it takes) of a range of planning and organizational tasks, DoView also makes this job much easier. All you need to do is to first draw an Outcomes DoView of what it is that you are wanting to measure. You then just go through the DoView and put possible questions next to each box in the DoView. What we're discovering with DoView is that it continues to surprise users with the number of common tasks they have to do which DoView makes a lot easier. More and more people involved in organizational and research work are realizing that it really is the essential 'Swiss Army Knife' piece of software the use in all their work. More on how to do identify questions for a questionnaire and an example here.   

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