Program logic modeling panel at Australasian Evaluation Society Conference

Dr Paul Duignan, an evaluation expert involved in the development of DoView, was an invited speaker on a panel on program logic modeling at the 2009 Australasian Evaluation Society Conference in Canberra. Logic modeling is the technical term evaluators use to describe the type of outcomes models that can be build in DoView. One of the points that Dr Duignan made on the panel was that in the history of logic modeling within the evaluation profession, there has not been much of an emphasis on looking at logic modeling as a computer visualization problem. Many, in fact probably the vast majority of, logic models being drawn by evaluators are still drawn as single page diagrams. Trying to cram all of the steps and outcomes which you think are occurring within a program onto a single page is a recipe for logic models which don't capture the complexity of what is happening in a program. 

Such models are likely to reflect badly on the whole enterprise of logic modeling. DoView has been designed from an explicit computer visualization point of view to help people draw logic models in real-time in front of an audience. This requires that the software have certain characteristics (very simple to use; models structured in a way that they can always be read by those viewing them on a dataprojector; a lmited number of formating options so that the person drawing the model does not have to make too many on-the-fly decisions). Further examples of the use of DoView for program logic modeling were presented by another member of the panel. An article by Dr Duignan on the evolution of the use of modeling in the evaluation profession can be read here

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