If you’ve a user who's enjoying DoView Standard but intrigued by what DoView Pro has to offer, or if you’re wanting to know which version to purchase, DoView Pro has three additional features:

  1. Syncing functionality
  2. Ability to add corporate colors
  3. Presentation mode which allows handles around boxes to be turned off.

Corporate colors allow you to have an additional color pallete incorporating your corporate colors so that the style of your models conforms to your corporate standard. While you can make any element in DoView any color that you like (Right-click > Change Color > Color Palettes > Custom Color), the added functionality of corporate colors is that all of your corporate colors appear in one additional palette.

Presentation mode (View > Presentation Mode) turns off the small green ‘handles’ on the border of boxes and other elements when you select them - it gives a slightly more polished look to presenting models on a dataprojector.

Now Syncing . . . what’s this feature all about?

It lets you create a master file and collaborate with others when editing a DoView file.  

Syncing can be useful, for instance, if you have a high-level outcomes model and you want different groups within an organization to go through and show how their project boxes link to the boxes in the higher-level model.  You can delegate this linking to the each group by having a separate folder for them to do their editing in.

How do you use syncing?

First you create a Master DoView file and include one folder in it for each of the people you want to collaborate with. 

You then email them the Master file (often you include their name or work title in the name of the folder so they know which one the should edit).

They can then edit anything within their folder and they email the DoView file back to you. 

What happens next is that you open your own master file in DoView Pro and you also open the edited version(s) of the file(s) they've sent back to you. 

You can then go to their folder in their edited version fo the file and do a Right Click. Select Copy Folder to Sync. You then go to your master file and go to their folder within the master file. You do a Right Click and select Paste and Sync Folder.

This will then update your master file with any edits they have made. The important point is that if they have made connections between their boxes and, say, some boxes in another folder, these changes will also be updated.

If a number of people are amending folders in this way you should tell them that they can update links to the folder where you are holding the master file, but not change links to other folders which others will be editing (otherwise the file might get into a mess).

Are you a DoView Pro user?  Let us know what you think of the syncing functionality? 

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