New DoView visual evaluation plan workbook

If you want to know everything you about creating a comprehensive visual evaluation plan like the example here, you need the new no cost DoView Visual Evaluation Plan Workbook. We've taken all the material you need to build a visual evaluation plan and put it in the one place. How to run the process, how to set up and use DoView at each stage and we've illustrated it with a worked example throughout. Check it out and you will soon be building very cool visual evaluation plans. What we're finding is that you can build these plans in something like 1/2 the time it takes to build a traditional narrative test-based evaluation plan. Normally when you've written a traditional narrative evaluation plan, you then put it away in a draw and use multiple Word files to control the implementation of your evaluation and you have to create Powerpoint slides to present your evaluation. 

Using a DoView visual evaluation plan you can use the same DoView file to build the evaluation plan, to present the plan to stakeholders and to control the implementation of the evaluation. If a new staff member comes along and wants to know where the evaluation is at - you just hand them over the up-to-date DoView file and they have everything they need. When you need to report back to your evaluation funders you just either email them a PDF of the evaluation plan (produced from within DoView) or more excitingly, you just point them to the web page where you have put up a web page model of the plan on your intranet or the internet (the web page models are also easily created from within DoView itself with a few mouse clicks). Check out the workbook now and get back to us via the comments page if you have any suggestions for improving it.

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