DoView 4.0 is ready for release soon and we're starting a series of blogs about its new features. Also watch out soon for a detailed posting on the brand-new DoView Pro 4.0 version which will include a completely new syncing feature to let different people work on the same DoView and then sync it into a master file.

Against the advice of our accountants we'll be making this one a free upgrade (as we've done in the past for our loyal customers). What's 4.0 include?

First, we've totally redone the icons and streamlined the interface to make DoView consistent with the current clean aesthetic used throughout the software and apps world. We've already blogged in more detail about this feature.

Second, we've given you 'tags' - so you can categorize any element with a tag (box, indicator, question etc.). They appear as '#tag' at the bottom of any element. This means you can categorize your elements as 'outputs' 'outcomes' - whatever you like.

Third, in response to user feedback, we've introduced a cool new Smart Layout feature that makes tidying up the layout of columns and rows really easy.

We've also introduced a new 'priority' icon next to the traffic light icon at the top of elements and we now have both these icons available on all elements within a DoView model (indicators, questions etc.).

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