Dr Paul Duignan recently gave an invited presentation to the 1st Pan Asia-Africa Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Forum in Bangkok on DoView Visual Monitoring and Evaluation Planning. His presentation is available as three 7 minute Youtubes. The first video sets out the argument for moving to the new DoView Visual Monitoring and Evaluation approach compared with the cumbersome text-based monitoring and evaluation plans currently in use. If you are already sold on the advantages of DoView Visual Monitoring and Evaluation Plans, you can skip it. The second video takes you through the first three steps in the process (drawing an Outcomes DoView of your project; putting indicators onto it; and, putting evaluation questions onto it).  The third video covers the last two steps (developing monitoring and evaluation projects to monitor indicators and answer evaluation questions; and, reporting back evaluation results by dash boarding onto your outcomes DoView). The links to all three videos are here

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