Next week, Dr Paul Duignan will be chairing the 3rd Annual Strategic Management Accounting Forum in Auckland on 16 September. This is being attended by accountants wanting to upskill in the strategic management accounting area. 

On the next day (17 September) he’ll be running a workshop on The Toolbox and Competencies of the Strategic Management Accountant

This workshop will provide techniques for developing stategy at any level using DoView Visual Strategic Planning. This approach is increadibly powerful and can be applied to many strategic issues that strategic management accountants face. 

This is a fantastic event and we hope you can make it along. If you want to go, register below. The DoView School of Outcomes will also be announcing more workshops in Wellington, New Zealand before the end of the year. Plus we’ll be announcing our first online training offerings in the very near future. 

We look forward to seeing you at a workshop in the near future. 

Link for registering.

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