CES planning triangle with impact_ outcomes and outputs

Dr Paul Duignan on Outcomes: Denis Cadogan the ICT Manager at the Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI) put me onto the Charities Evaluation Services (CES) UK's CES Planning Triangle© through a question in our DoView Linkedin Community of Practice. The CES Planning Triangle is a framework for thinking about organizational outcomes. 

I've done a Proof-of-Concept of how one of the CES Planning Triangles could be built and presented within DoView. Using DoView to work with Planning Triangles would have a number of advantages. 

  • DoView drill-down pages could be used so that readers could directly explore different parts of the front page diagram by clicking on them.
  • The DoView of the Planning Triangle could be put on the web as a webpage model and then linked-out out from the organization's website. Readers could then click through it to examine the organization's outcomes.
  • When building a CES Planning Triangle, DoView's clone feature could enable those building the model to quickly change the wording where the same element (e.g. an outcome) appears on a number of different pages.
  • The DoView visual layout could be used to help quickly identify the outcomes or outputs which have indicators measuring them and those that don't.
  • Additional documentation could be included within as drill-down pages in the DoView file (e.g. the sources where indicators will come from; traffic-lighting for dashboarding results; more detailed results regarding indicators; impact evaluation questions and how they are -going to be answered; results of measurement of indicators; and pictures showing aspects of what the program is doing).

Check out (and play around with if you like) the Proof-of-Concept DoView I built of an example CES Planning Triangle.

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