Mac Version - Work progressing

Work is progressing on the Mac version, it's currently the absolute top priority of the development team. We've an Alpha version up and running on the Mac. The key issue that we're working on is making sure that DoView models made on PC's and on Mac's will be able to be transferred between the two types of machines. So if you make your model on a Mac that you will be able to send it to someone using DoView on a PC. 

There are some technical issues in this particularly related to the way that Windows works - we think we are close to fixing these. This is why we've not yet given a release date for the new Mac version. We will keep you informed, sorry about this taking a while, we know there are a lot of you out there wanting the Mac version just as fast as we can get it to you. If you want to be updates as to when the Mac version is released please sign up for the DoView newsletter.  

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