Images in DoView! Version 1.17 coming up!

At the European Evaluation Society Conference in Lisbon there was a request made by evaluators working in the international development sector to allow images to be included in DoView so that outcomes models (program logic models) could be used in settings where language is an issue. As a result we have been working on version 1.17, currently planned for release in February 2009. This will be a no cost update. As part of testing we have been playing around with what these new visual models with images will let you do. In addition to being able to put in images to spice up your visual models for stakeholders, you will also be able to put in JPGs and other image formats of graphs of how indicators are tracking. This, combined with an innovation we are also hoping to include within version 1.17 (letting you click on the text within indicators and drill down to other pages), will let you quickly build flexible, affordable and comprehensive visual performance management systems within DoView. 

Then you just need to create a web page model of your DoView model from inside DoView (File>Create Web Page Model) and you can then put a web page visual performance management systems up on the web. Check out the mock-up here (note this does not yet include the ability to drill down beneath indicators and other text in a DoView model). So once version 1.17 is out, you will be able to use DoView to either build your whole performance management system, or even if you are contemplating using a more expensive web-based system in the future, use DoView to develop a feasibility test of what you want to do (you may even find that DoView actually meets your needs for a very affordable price - something which many organizations are finding is getting increasingly important as the economic down-turn hits).

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