How to put a DoView web page model up using Dropbox

DoView produces cool web page versions of DoView models which can be put up on the web. This is how the DoView models have been put up on the site. However, not everyone knows how to put files up on the web, or has a place to put them. There's now a cool solution to this problem using Dropbox. Dropbox is a cool free service which lets you put files into what looks like a normal subdirectory on your computer but which is one which can be shared by colleagues. If you don't have it now you should be using it for a range of purposes. However, one additional feature of Dropbox is that it lets you put up a DoView web page model which anyone can then look at over the internet. 

The great thing about DoView web page models is that when you put them up, if you like you can include a copy of the original file which created the web page model. This means that if people like your DoView model they can immediately download a copy of it and start editing it. This can be used to share bestpractice outcomes models (logic models, results roadmaps) amongst a large number of sites. For a discussion of how this can be used in international development (a maternal health program for example) see here. We have prepared a DoView 'How To' on how to put a DoView web page model up on the web using Dropbox. And by the way, Dropbox is free.

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