We've put up a resource page on using DoView in the health sector. At the moment it includes a fantastic DoView visual model for a regional health organization. This shows how you can visually model a whole health organization that's serving the health needs of a district. The page also has an example of how DoViewing can be used by a Minister or by a funding authority to set priorities for health providers to deliver on. The DoView visual format makes it much easier for funders to quickly see whether providers are actually focused on the priorities they have set. 

It also makes it much easier for providers to prove that they're focusing on their funder's priorities. The last DoView currently up on this resource page is an example of a simple health project - a village health promotion project. DoViews such as this project-level DoView (often called intervention logics, logic models, theories of change, program theories) can be used for health projects of any size. You can install a trial version of DoView and immediately download any of the three visual Outcomes DoView we've put on the resource page. You can then start playing around with them to adapt them to your particular health care setting and use them however you like in your own programs. Have a go and put up any comments in the DoView Linkedin Community of Practice about how you are finding playing around with DoView. Or let us know any specific technical questions about using DoView on our DoView Software Questions Linkedin page

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