With DoView version 4.0 we updated the interface and dropped the ‘group’ function from the toolbar at the top of the screen so we could include the ‘count links’ function. Count links shows the number of boxes connected to any box in a model. It’s a very cool function we wanted to make more prominent. It lets visualise if you have ‘line-of-sign’ alignment between boxes within your model - say between your projects and your priority outcomes when doing strategic planning

Keeping the interface simple is one of our design principles at DoView and we don’t want the top toolbar to become too cluttered. A cluttered toolbar is confusing for the participants when you’re facilitating a group DoView session - it makes it look like you’re ‘playing with your software’ rather than the people in the room building a model. 

Today one of our long-time users emailed us a support query as to where ‘group’ had gone. 

Rest assured that is has not disappeared from. All you need to do is to do a right-click anywhere on the page and you will see the Group as one of the menu items. 

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