Fresh thinking about outcomes and evaluation

Dr Paul Duignan, who is an outcomes and evaluation specialist involved in the development of DoView, has been posting lots of articles about outcomes and evaluation in his Outcomes Theory Knowledge Base. These articles describe many of the common problems faced by people developing outcomes and evaluation systems and provide a clear conceptual framework for working with such systems. He was involved in developing DoView because he wanted a piece of software which would enable outcomes models (program logic models) to be built which are free from the types of problems which have plagued such models in the past (e.g. being limited to a single printed page, not being able to represent links between steps and outcomes in any way apart from line and arrow links which often cannot be fitted onto the page). An example of one of his recent articles is one on the conceptual basis for Contracting for Outcomes. The easiest way to keep up with his work is to follow his outcomes and evaluation blog at

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