Seminar on linking evidence-bases with visual models 

A seminar on the use of outcomes models (logic models) in the natural resource management/conservation area was held on 9 July 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand with Rob Richards from Clear Horizon Australia and Mat Silver, an Evidence Based Practice consultant also from Australia. In the seminar, Rob Richards shared his experiences in training natural resource management practitioners in Australian on how to build outcomes models (program logics). DoView is being used in the training. Mat Silver talked about his work in developing an evidence-based practice web resource for the Australian Government called the NRM Toolbar in a previous role he held with Land and Water Australia. 

The NRM Toolbar is a repository of evidence  about what works in natural resource management. Dr Paul Duignan talked about the how the latest release of DoView (Version 1.14) will enable models created in DoView to be used as a 'visual front-end' for evidence-based practice to any web database such as the NRM Toolbar. The new version of DoView will allow hyperlinks to be put into outcomes models. In addition it will let the user quickly create a fully-navigable web page model of their outcomes model. The user can then just put the web page model up on an intranet or the internet so that anyone can use it. 

The seminar was attended by participants from natural resource management, research funding bodies, and those from other sectors such as the social policy sector interested in how the approach can be applied to any sector where the link is trying to be made between evidence and practice.  A web mock-up of how the system will work is available. The photo shows Mat Silver (left) and Rob Richards (right) preparing for the workshop.

[Later addition - The NRM Toolbar project was terminated due to budget cuts by the Australian Federal Government. Early developmental work was done to allow DoViews to be loaded into the system. However the NRM Toolbar was never developed beyond its initial trial phase].

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