DoView exhibition table at the European Evaluation Society Conference in Lisbon

The DoView exhibition table at the recent European Evaluation Society Conference in Lisbon which took place in October, attracted a lot of attention from participants. There was interest from a range of sectors and in particular a lot of interest from the international development sector. The problem the international development sector faces is that it needs easy tools for planning the vast number of projects of all sizes which take place in developing countries. 

A traditional approach within the sector has been to use what are called Logframes. A Loggrame is a  tabular approach to developing a program logic. It has served the development sector well in the past, but there is now a general recognition that it has significant limitations, particularly in comparison to visualization-based approaches such as DoView. 

While dataprojectors and computers were hard to access in the developing world, Logframe was all that could be used. However, now that the availability of computers and dataprojectors is increasing, people involved in planning and implementing development projects are now looking seriously at using a tool like DoView. The photo shows the DoView exhibition table at EES.

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