Visual evaluation plan paper at EES

One of the papers related to DoView given at the European Evaluation Society Conference in Lisbon in October 2008 focused on creating a visual evaluation plan in DoView using the Easy Outcomes approach. An example of the web based model of such a plan is here. The full text of the paper is available.  Communicating a program evaluation plan to high-level stakeholders is difficult because of the complexity of such plans and the limited time stakeholders have to consider them. However it is important that, in spite of this, high-level stakeholders have the opportunity to consider what evaluation is possible and what evaluation they can afford to fund. 

A visual evaluation plan presented in a standardized format and visualized in DoView provides a new and highly effective way of assisting high-level stakeholders to make decisions about evaluation priorities. Recently a board member when exposed to the DoView visual outcomes model approach to evaluation planning asked 'Where has this been our lives?'. 

The Easy Outcomes approach provides a standardized format for such plans. In addition, such visual evaluation plans can be used not only to make planning decisions about an evaluation but also to control and monitor its implementation. Further, the outcomes models within such evaluation plans can be used for strategic planning, monitoring, economic evaluation, outcomes-focused contracting and other purposes as set out on the Easy Outcomes site. Blog Update: You can now get a comprehensive workbook for building a visual evaluation plan in DoView from the DoView resources page.

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