Version 1.16 - easier presenting

We've  now released DoView Version 1.16, you can download it now from the download page. It tidies up a number of things under the bonnet so to speak - or to mix metaphors, it fixes some issues in what software engineers call 'the plumbing'. You probably won't notice any of that even though we spent many hours on getting things right to make DoView nice and stable. However, the thing that users will notice looks subtle at first. It is the addition of two arrows in the top right-hand side of the toolbar. 

These let the user move up and down the pages (slices) in the Slice List even when the Slice List is closed so that you can see all of the slice when dataprojecting a model in a meeting. We had already implemented this in the web page models created by DoView (see an example here) and it was so successful in letting people move through slices (pages) when giving a presentation without having to open and close the Slice List, that there was the request made that the same feature be introduced into the PC version of DoView. So download the new version (remember to uninstall your existing version first) and try out the new feature when you are giving a presentation using DoView.

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