Hi there, I’m Melissa Bethwaite, DoView’s newest employee, I have joined DoView as a Digital Marketing Coordinator. I come from a software marketing background and I am passionate about digital marketing.

My goal here at DoView is to share as much as knowledge with our user community as I can via the web.  I hope to be able to reach out to our community/ users in a variety of ways that help them to use DoView to its full potential and in turn to do their jobs more efficiently.  

In the next few months you will see some positive changes here at DoView Headquarters, we will be enhancing our website, and will be providing many free online resources such as regular blog posts, e-newsletters and social media updates. We’ll also be providing affordable online education resources with e-books available for sale and training courses conducted by Outcomes Specialist Dr Paul Duignan.

As they say around here, Happy DoViewing. 

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