DoView at the American Evaluation Association Conference in Orlando

DoView traveled to Orlando Florida for the 2009 American Evaluation Association Conference (AEA). We'd not been to Orlando before and we were struck by how friendly everyone in Florida is. We just love going to AEA because it's the biggest evaluation conference in the world with thousands of participants. You can chart the growth of evaluation as a profession by the growing number and quality of presentations at AEA. The DoView exhibition table was a popular destination for conference attendees. The new large-sized posters which DoView 2.0 produces were a hit with participants. 

People can see that now they can both build a compact multi-page model in DoView (essential if you're wanting to work with your model on a dataprojector); but also they can clone (make 'live copies' of) their compact model onto large-sized posters. Consultants using DoView are finding that these large poster-sized overview models are a hit with CEO's and Executive Teams and the beauty of the DoView approach is that you also have the compact version of your model to work on in real-time in meetings. We did a lot of productive networking with existing and potential users.  

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