DoView at the 2008 American Evaluation Conference

We also exhibited at the 2008 American Evaluation conference in Denver at which there were a number of papers presented which related to DoView. The conference is the major evaluation conference in the world, attracting thousands of attendees looking at a wide variety of evaluation issues. 

The comment was made by some attendees who came to the DoView exhibition table that DoView is more than just a logic model drawing tool. In fact it enables you to develop whole visual evaluation plans which are based around a logic model (or an outcomes model as they are also called). This means that you can map your indicators onto the steps and outcomes in your outcomes model. You can also use the visual model to map the evaluation questions you are planning to ask, work out their priority and even report back some results from monitoring and evaluation against the visual model. An example shown to the American Evaluation conference attendees is available here.

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