One of the endless challenges in communicating with your users (and potential users) is how you structure your website. 

We are making incremental improvements to our website as we try to improve it’s usability for our extended DoView community - those in 50+ countries using the DoView approach and/or our software (and those who are wanting to find out how our approach can add value).

Just today we’ve tweaked our menu list. We’ve changed Download to Free Trial, Training to Learn and included a new menu item Examples. The examples (sector and other user case studies) used to be hidden away at the bottom of the front page and we suspect that many people did not see it. Here is the Examples page if you want to check it out.

We have many examples and templates we want to get up on the DoView website and we will be adding to the Examples page over time.

It will be interesting to track now these tweaks change usage of our site. 

If you have any comments on how we should improve our website please let us know.  

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