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We're going to be releasing DoView 4.0 soon and you're just going to love it! We're already using some of its new features in Beta versions and they're already making our work easier. 

We'll be blogging over the next while about some of the new features you'll get in DoView 4.0.

The first one you'll notice when DoView is released is that we've given it a major facelift. We have to admit that we were kind of attached to DoView's original look but we decided that we needed to bring it up to date with new icons to give it a new look and feel.

We've redesigned all of the icons using a new clear sharp and simple aesthetic. You can see them in the image above.

Consistent with our design philosophy, we've kept the icons large. The concept is that DoView is a tool many people use for real-time strategy and other modeling in front of groups.

Doing this work it's essential that group participants feel that they're building their own model rather than that they're just watching someone play with their software in front of them.

We pay a lot of attention to the psychology of groups working on strategic and other modeling. It's important that group participants can see what you are doing as a facilitator when you are building DoView models in real-time. Having the icons large helps make it obvious to group participants what you're doing when you use various functions within the software. 

Keep an eye up here for more blog postings about features that will be included in DoView 4.0.

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