Use this new presentation to describe DoView to colleagues and managers

A new presentation is available (as a PowerPoint file and as a DoView file) from the DoView Resources page. This presentation gives a general introduction to DoView showing two models, one for a Green Housing Project and one for the strategic planning for a national Department of Conservation. You can use this presentation to introduce your colleagues and managers to DoView. You present this as a PowerPoint if you do not have DoView installed yet on your computer.  Alternatively if you want to, you can install a trial copy of DoView and then download the presentation in DoView file format. If presenting as a DoView presentation, just remember to click through the pages using the green arrows at the top right of the DoView screen. If you are presenting it in the DoView format, this has the advantage that you can use DoView's unique features. For instance, DoView links which allow you to include links between boxes without having to draw them as a line-and-arrow links, or Page-Jumps (the small gray triangles you see in some boxes) so that you can Drill-down to other pages. 

Feel free to use this presentation with any audiences to which you want to demonstrate DoView. This presentation also shows how DoView can act as a simple presentation tool. This means that you don't need to prepared separate presentations about your projects, which can be time consuming. Just use your DoView visual outcomes model of your project to in any presentation on your project, just add addition DoView pages and put whatever points you want to communicate to your audience about. Then at any time in the presentation you can immediately take your audience into the DoView visual outcomes model to illustrate any point you want to make. 

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