Essential ingredients of a children or young people in care program - A DoView Strategy Template

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Anyone working in the children and young people in care sector knows that programs for this population group need to involve careful planning, risk management and supervision. Can we make it easier for those working on such programs to share best practice? Is it possible to represent and quickly communicate the essential ingredients of a children or young people in care program?

The Children and Young People in Care DoView® Best Practice Template™ is an attempt to summarize the key ingredients of such programs within an accessible visual model which can be used for a range of planning and other purposes. These purposes include: contracting for such programs; planning them; determining priorities; monitoring program implementation; improving program performance; and working out how to measure impact. There is more information available on how the template can be used for these functions.

A DoView® Best Practice Template™ is presented in the form of a visual model of what it is that a program is trying to achieve and it plans to achieve it. They can be edited in DoView® Software. The overview page below shows the high-level outcomes for a children or young people in care program and what needs to happen in order to achieve these outcomes. Beneath each of the colored boxes, more detailed drill-down pages elaborate the content of each summary box.  

The DoView® visual model covers areas such as: having a well run provider arranging placement for the child or young person; making sure that caseworkers are experienced and effective; vetting potential caregivers; making sure that the child or young person is cared for properly; caring for the caregivers; keeping in touch with the natural family where possible; ensuring that the child or young person thrives in all of the important areas of life; and ensuring that there is appropriate cultural work undertaken with the child or young person.  


The screenshot below shows just one of the drill-down pages - ensuring that caseworkers are experienced and effective. It sets out all of the things that should happen for this to occur.

A clickable webpage version of the DoView® visual model is available. Click on the boxes with triangles in them to see the drill-down pages.


If you work in children or young people in care programs, or have some experience with this type of program, you might have some views on whether this DoView® Best Practice Template™ captures the essential ingredients needed in such programs. Feel free to comment below if you think that new boxes need to be added or any need to be changed. Also, if you're interested, download DoView® Software and the template to edit it, play around with it and adapt it to your particular program.


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* Full disclosure: Dr Paul Duignan is involved in the development of DoView software.

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