DoView Version 5.0 is coming up - do you want to participate in our Beta testing program? 

We've been working on DoView Version 5.0 and we hope to release it within 3-4 weeks.

As usual, we’re going to provide a new releases of DoView on both the Mac and PC platforms so that you can interchange files betweeen these two

If you want to participate in the Beta testing program for Version 5.0 contact us using the contact form and we'll give you access to the new version. We'll be blogging here over the next couple of weeks about the new features Version 5.0 will include.  What's in it for you? You get to try DoView 5.0 before everyone else!

One thing to note is that while DoView 5.0 (for Mac and PC) will be able to read files from all earlier versions of DoView, earlier versions of DoView will not be able to read files created in DoView 5.0.

And yes, DoView 5.0 will be a free upgrade to licensed users of DoView 4 and earlier!

Happy DoViewing

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