Frances Ehrlich - using DoView for visualizing outcomes in Sydney


I’m a management consultant specialising in organisational review and evaluation services. I’m based in Sydney Australia and have been a keen user of DoView since 2011.

I work predominately in the government sector, assisting organisations to build internal evaluation capacity, and to implement processes to better understand the impact of their programs, projects and practice.

I’ve introduced DoView to several clients to help them unpack and map their theories of change and logic models. In my professional capacity, I use it to develop and present graphic representations of concepts and models. A great feature of DoView is its capacity to build as much detail as required.

DoView is great visual tool which helps program managers, personnel and participants to better ‘see’ the linkages between program or organisational activities and intended outcomes. This visualization can lead to richer and more meaningful dialogue amongst teams and or beneficiaries where casual pathways are highlighted, discussed and debated.

A few years ago, I conducted an organisation-wide rollout of evaluation training for a health organisation. The training included theoretical and practical components of evaluation, as well logic modelling.  As a result, DoView was installed as the organisation’s default software for all its program and outcomes mapping – this is now a mandatory component of the organisation’s project management process.

Frances Ehrlich, Owner Apples and Oranges Group


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