Program planning and evaluation software especially for the public sector and non-profits

DoView makes it easy for people to see what you project, program, organization or policy does

See how your sector is using DoView

'A picture is worth a thousand words'

  • 'See into' your organization with a visual organizational DoView
  • Eliminate time-consuming and inaccessible 'text-based' planning
  • 'Turn on a dime' - quickly amend your visual strategic plan as things change
  • Deal with your multifaceted world - easily build models large enough to describe your world but easily worked with because of DoView modularization 
  • Use your models in your daily work - easily work with models when data projected  
  • Model complex reality - make links between boxes on different pages
  • Check for organizational alignment - look for visual line-of-sight alignment between activities and priorities
  • Work in front of groups - simple commands and only the features you need
  • Edit faster - quickly change the same box appearing on multiple pages
  • Track success - insert indicators and evaluation questions
  • Save time  - document your work directly onto your DoView visual model, no more multiple text-based files
  • Share your models - copy and paste into Word or Powerpoint; save as a PDF; or put on the web (using Dropbox).
  • Share best practice - allow others to immediately download the DoView file which produced your webpage version

Who's using DoView?

DoView is used by: managers, program staff, strategic planners, evaluators, performance managers, business analysts, contract managers. It's adding value in: health; welfare; the environment; justice; defense; arts and culture; local government; and, government, philanthropy, not-for-profit and for-profit. 

DoView cares!

For every DoView license sold, we make DoView available for an international aid and development project. 

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